Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 10, 2008

BOBO: Well, Cocoa has done it this time! She was upset that Mom & Dad were gone and went nuts on the wall. When Mom came home, she was so mad! I haven't seen her that mad since the time I ran away from home and she found me at the community pool.

COCOA: I don't know what to say. Mom just described the situation as "Cause & Effect".



Andriena said...

DAMN!! Cocoa really knows how do some damage.

Kay Walters said...

our pup ava has chewed on the wall just like that! and she has ripped up the carpet in our bedroom to the floorboard by our we know how you feel.

Ruth said...

Yikes!! Why is Cocoa so destructive? Does she not get enough exercise or is she simply destructive to provide fodder for your blog? :)