Friday, August 29, 2008

August 28, 2008

BOBO: I feel like there's always a shadow, following me around...

COCOA: This summer, I enjoyed sleeping,
and also sleeping.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 2, 2008

BOBO: Didn't I mention I didn't like water? Well, we went on a "long journey" and we were in the car so long I thought we'd end up at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Instead we went to a house I've only been to once, except this time it was empty instead of full of people and kids. I didn't mind - it was relaxing but didn't have a fence so I had to hold my pee until someone took me out. Just like the old days.

Anyway, while we were there Mom & Dad made me get into what I thought might be a type of car but it was on water instead! I was afraid I'd fall off or that I'd get wet, but it ended up being pretty fun. I just hung out in the shade and felt the breeze. I got kind of wobbly a few times, but I liked looking over the edge.

The only bad part about the weekend was the storm. It was bad, and I was scared. I have no idea why my crazy parents like these things! They're dangerous! I bet a tree could have fallen on the house, or it could have been struck by lightning!
COCOA: Just when I started liking the car.....we went for the longest ride ever! I was ok, but did NOT enjoy it. We ended up someplace strange and I didn't know if was our new house or not. I was also really confused b/c I couldn't find the little door to go outside and use the bathroom, so when I had to go I just went where I was. What? What was I supposed to do? Hold it?

I liked the rug and the hard, cold floors and the porch so I could watch everything. I also liked the ride we took in the car they called a "boat"! I liked this a lot better than the other car because it was open and I could feel the wind and it was on water so I could have escaped if I wanted. I thought about jumping off into the water but changed my mind b/c Bobo refused to go with me. Mom & Dad jumped off and it looked like fun.

We finally got back in the car and stayed in it for a long time again. When I got back out, we were home. Boy, was I glad to see my little door again!

July 31, 2008

BOBO: I'm a pretty nice guy, and I only truly hate a few things. I hate cats (evil) and I hate anything that makes my fur wet. I hate the beach, the rain, baths, anything. So, why would Mom think it was ok to take me for a walk when it was obviously raining outside? Was this some sort of punishment? I protested, but was overruled.
COCOA: Water water water, I love the water! I like to drink it and eat it and swim in it! It cools me off and makes me all sloppy and if I want to dry off I can just roll all over the carpet. Bobo is such a grump! He acts like he was tortured or something. He's just sitting around all wet and mopey. I'm going to go drink his water - ha!